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I help women & men end toxic relationships, heal relationship trauma & attract love.

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My  name is Rochell Smith. I am a Relationship Coach & Healer. I specialize in helping men & women to end abusive relationships. I was involved in more than one abusive relationship and have managed to get out, which is why I am here to help you to do the same.. My goal is to not only help you to leave, but also to help prevent you from repeating the same toxic cycle. As I mentioned, I was involved in more than one and have learned my lesson from the last toxic relationship. Experiencing this has allowed me to help others and I am beyond grateful to be able to change people’s lives.

My Story

If I can, You can too!!!

All my relationships have been toxic even in family dynamics. Being in abusive relationships is not something that we want to experience because we all want to strive for the best. Toxicity causes stress, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, heartbreak, and pain. No one deserves this type of treatment and no one deserves to experience these negative emotions.


I struggled for many years, praying everyday, asking god to pull me out of my relationship. My relationship was toxic and abusive. He has put his hands on me and would constantly call me out of my name, try to use our child against me and did this in front of the kids. He used drugs and the house was always a mess! He never had money to help support our family because he would blow his money on drugs.


I felt the need to leave because it was unhealthy not only for me but for my children as well. I also realized that I have lost a part of myself and I was not happy. I would wake up everyday wishing I were somewhere else but felt stuck and trapped. I would cry everyday hoping that somehow, I can get out of it.


I knew that I deserved better and I would always think back at how my life looked like before I met him. This helped me to look at my current situation (at the time) and realized that I did not deserve this. I was happy before him. I was myself! I could not be myself around him.


He was very judgmental and critical at times which put a lot of fear in me to be myself around him. I wanted to have control over my life and realized that I was giving him my power. This is when things started to take a turn for me.

After I had enough, I decided to do something about my situation.

I decided to BREAK FREE.


Next, I created a plan. Initially, I was working a part time job which was not enough to help me take care of me and my kids on my own, so I picked up another job and begin putting money aside. I would also start to do the things that will keep me focused and that I enjoyed which was working out. Believe it or not, this had given me a boost in my self esteem and confidence because I was taking care of me. Eventually, after daily prayer, keeping active while working two jobs, I was able to leave confidently. All of this helped me to build the strength and courage to leave. I had enough money to move me and my children out after about 6 months of committing to my plans, sticking to my goals and believing in myself.

Now, I have created an amazing program that is designed to get people out of toxic relationships. Get started with my online course.

My Course

Learn how to break free from a toxic relationship.

Life After Breakup Recourse Program
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Life After Breakup Recourse Program
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