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A Place of Hope, Peace & Empowerment
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A Place of Hope, Peace & Empowerment
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Introduction to A Place of Hope, Peace & Empowerment

Lesson 1 Clarity - Get Clear on What You Want

Lesson 2 Mindset - Identifying Limiting Beliefs

Lesson 3 - Transformation - The Most Important Video

Lesson 4 Accountability (Learn How to Forgive & Let Go)

Lesson 5 - Reclaim Independence

Lesson 6 Healing From the Past (Rewrite Your Story)

Bonus Video - Extended Program (Important Info)

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Hi My name is Rochell Smith and I am a Relationship Coach & Mentor that’s here to help you awaken to your true self. You are here to learn how to let go of fear, build your self-esteem and confidence so that you can be living the life that you deserve. Get ready to set yourself free from toxicity while gaining the strength and power to do whatever it is that you desire. Let’s go!

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